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Rates on Investment Property and Gambling

10 Factors Affecting Rates on Investment Property

Predicting the rates on investment property is like gambling in the sense that there are a lot of factors that you would want to consider and yet, the results are still uncertain. Still, there are a lot of economic indicators that are affecting rates and investment property experts are using these … [Read More...]

100 Investment Loans

Pros and Cons of 100 Investment Loans

There are a lot of mortgage plans that allow you to make a loan even without down payment and even with investment property. Also known as 100 investment loans, they make the acquisition of investment property easier for those who cannot afford to put a large upfront investment. Although that is the … [Read More...]

Mortgage Rates On Investment Property

Choosing the Best Mortgage Rates On Investment Property

A lot of people are now using their second home as investment property. Aside from the obvious reason of additional cash flow, investment properties are stable investments because they are not as volatile compared to other forms. If you want to follow this business path, you need to be familiar with … [Read More...]

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Cash Out Refinance on Investment Property

Why Cash Out Refinance On Investment Property

You may wonder how smart investors built their wealth so quickly. They simply use their property's equity to fund the purchase of another property, more like tapping into their gold mine. Savvy investors know having an investment property provides property owners the potential to either build wealth … [Read More...]

Creative Fireplaces

Things to Consider When Creating Creative Fireplaces

Nothing is more enjoyable than a fire burning on a cold winter evening. No one can deny that fireplaces create a focal point in any room, not to mention adding character and elegance to the room. A fireplace is one the best places in the house to bond with family members while enjoying the warmth it … [Read More...]

A secret compartment at home will come in handy when thieves strike

Top 8 Tips On How To Build A Secret Compartment

There are many reasons to build a hidden compartment in your home. With one out of ten households being victimized by theft every year, some extra protection at home can provide peace of mind. When it comes to building hiding places, they say the ones that are in plain sight are the least to be … [Read More...]

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Making Profit

Mortgage Calculator Rental Property

Mortgage Calculator for Rental Property—How to Calculate Positive Cash Flow

The best time to calculate whether you will have a positive cash flow on a rental property is before you buy it. You need to use a mortgage calculator for rental property so that you will have a more or less objective calculation and more reliable results. If you already have the property, then the best thing that you can … [Read More...]

Income and Expense Record and Refinance Mortgage Rates Rental Property

Refinance Mortgage Rates for Rental Property

Even if the property is occupied by tenants and you really never get to call it your primary residence, you can still refinance it. You have to bear in mind though, that new restrictions apply to this scenario and you might have a harder time finding a lender who will finance this kind of mortgage. If you follow the tips … [Read More...]

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