Lego Key Holder for Room


Looking for a new, creative method to hold your keys? How about creating one with Legos? It's creative, one-of-a-kind and shouldn't cost you more than a few bucks. … [Read more...]

Turtle Home for Sale

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 12.43.32 PM

Turtles are smart. Within this tough economy market they're surviving to the best of their ability by selling their old homes before moving into their new ones. A smart move don't you think? … [Read more...]

Is there a Ghost in My Rental Property?

Ghost House Hunting

Some of the most popular programs on TV today are ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. The problem is that if you watch too many of these ghost hunting shows, you start to interpret hard to explain occurrences as paranormal phenomenon and question every unexplainable event as a potential ghost. Is there a Ghost in My House? The other day my partner took 178 pictures of … [Read more...]

Welcome Page – Start Here

Welcome to Buy, Fix, and Profit! A How-To Guide For The Monetarily Motivated! contains over 100 informative real estate investing articles along with real world tips and advice on how to make money with real estate. The site's focus is on how to buy distressed property, fix it up, and how to profit from those efforts. Our mission is to provide the reader with practical … [Read more...]

How to Manage Property Rehab Costs for Maximum Efficiency and Value

Quick Tips on How to Minimize and Control the Cost of a Rehab Project Purchase the general construction materials and supplies for your contractors and have it delivered to the job site.  Instead of having your contractors spend their time looking for material, do it yourself if you can.  It’s amazing how long a simple trip to Home Depot can turn into. Property Rehab Written Scope of … [Read more...]

A Pool in the Master Bedroom


By having a pool inside your master bedroom you can escape fires in a breeze. All you have to do is jump in the water! … [Read more...]

Pool Inside Your Home


If you have tons of money and have no idea what else to do with it you can add a pool under your wooden floor. It sounds like a tons of hard work, but it can make your house stand out against other houses in this tough real estate market. Need to relax? Just open up the pool. … [Read more...]

Creative Doors to Increase Home Value


If you're not looking for a tradition method for your door; look at this option to create a buzz in your neighborhood. It's a piece of art. … [Read more...]

Add an Awesome Pool to Your Investment Property


Increase your Investment Property Rental Income This pool adds the extra element to any house. This will guarantee that your rental home will be rented out fast and will provide maximum rental income. The pool is not only deep, but can go deeper and deeper. With your perplexed mindset within it you can escape reality. Stylistically, it's very pleasing to the eye and will be asked upon from any … [Read more...]

Unique Coffee Table


If you're looking for a unique coffee table that no one will have and give style to any home look at the image above. It's a coffee table made from a v-8 engine that is also able to hold wine several wine bottles. No word on the price for this baby or how it will be possible to make one. … [Read more...]

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