10 Factors Affecting Rates on Investment Property

Rates on Investment Property and Gambling

Predicting the rates on investment property is like gambling in the sense that there are a lot of factors that you would want to consider and yet, the results are still uncertain. Still, there are a lot of economic indicators that are affecting rates and investment property experts are using these barometers along with their experience and tested gut feeling to predict what will happen next. Here … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of 100 Investment Loans

100 Investment Loans

There are a lot of mortgage plans that allow you to make a loan even without down payment and even with investment property. Also known as 100 investment loans, they make the acquisition of investment property easier for those who cannot afford to put a large upfront investment. Although that is the case, this type of loan is a double-edged sword; it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages as … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Mortgage Rates On Investment Property

Mortgage Rates On Investment Property

A lot of people are now using their second home as investment property. Aside from the obvious reason of additional cash flow, investment properties are stable investments because they are not as volatile compared to other forms. If you want to follow this business path, you need to be familiar with mortgage rates on investment property because you will need a mortgage to get started. Choices for … [Read more...]

International Mortgage for Investment Property—A Life Saver for Real Estate Investors

Foreign currency and International Mortgage for Investment Property

With international mortgage for investment property, US real estate investors can now make a loan to finance their real estate investment through international banks. You can choose the kind of currency that your loan will be denominated in and you can save a lot of money because in most cases, these countries have lower interest rates compared to the US. At the moment, there are six currencies … [Read more...]

Finding a 100 Financing Investor

Business ties and 100 financing investor

With the right credit scores, you can have an investment property without having to pay the down payment. This is called 100% financing and through the help of the so called “100 financing investor”, that is, an investor specializing in 100% financing, you can start investing even with zero down payment. Although it’s easier to get 100% financing for a primary home, if you can find a … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Managing Your Investment Property Portfolio

Investment Property Portfolio

When it comes to investment property portfolio—apartments, houses etc.—investors agree that they all have their specific advantages and disadvantages. To overcome the disadvantages, the best option would be to diversify. The problem is, not all investors have the knowledge and expertise to handle a truly diverse investment property portfolio. Diversifying Investment Property Portfolio To … [Read more...]

Steadily Declining Mortgage Rates, Income Property Value Rising – Does This Mean A Good Time To Invest?

Mortgage Rates, Income Property and Investing

Income property is becoming more and more attractive to investors these days? And why not? With steadily declining mortgage rates combined with rising value of income properties, it could mean one thing - bigger returns. With a steady reduction in mortgage rates, income property investments such as rentals are increasingly becoming more popular as a way to build wealth. However, not all income … [Read more...]

Rental Property Loans, Rates On Interest, And Overhead Costs

Rental Property, Loans, Rates

If you're thinking of getting into the rental business, experts say this is the best time because of the low home prices and low interest rates. When it comes to rental property loans, rates on interest do matter. Usually, interest rate on rental property is about 1% higher than most other mortgage loans but then the rate will depend on your credit standing, income, and debt to income ratio. … [Read more...]

Financing An Investment Property – Gaining A Better Understanding

Financing an Investment Property

We all know that nearly all investment properties are bought through financing. We also all know that there are a number of considerations when financing an investment property. These are: the loan and your level of gearing, purchasing costs, ongoing costs and depreciation schedules and taxes. Financing An Investment Property - Loan, Equity And Gearing Aspects In any loan, the meat of the matter … [Read more...]

Is FHA Loan Investment Property Possible?

FHA Loan Investment Property

There are a lot of advantages of an FHA loan; low downpayment and easy credit qualifications just to name a few. That being the case, is FHA loan investment property even possible? Although the Federal Housing Authority allows homeowners to rent out their homes, there are certain conditions that you need to observe. FHA Loan Investment Property Conditions Although FHA does not prohibit … [Read more...]

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