True 100 Financing for Investment Property – Is it Obsolete?

Absolute 100 financing investment property may no longer be available nowadays

Most investors who have been in the business for quite some time do not have a problem with financing. They have many other properties where they can get cash out refinancing. But for someone starting out, getting access to funds to buy a commercial property as an investment may find it really hard to. Getting help from the government when getting a residential property is easy; they can even give … [Read more...]

What are the Different Investment Property Mortgage Rates?

If you are buying a property for profit and not as a primary residence, then you are buying an investment property. It can include those that you bought and improved in order to increase its value. You could then sell it or rent it out. There are a few things affecting investment property mortgage rates. If you are getting a mortgage for a residential property, you need to show a proof of … [Read more...]

Differentiating Residential Investment Property From Other Types of Properties

Residential Investment Property & First Time Investment Property Investors A residential investment property is often the type of property that every neophyte real estate investor first invests in. This is because purchasing this type of real estate is simpler and closely resembles buying your personal home, except for some differences, such as typically higher loan rates for investment … [Read more...]

How to Buy Investment Property – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Buy Investment Property

If you want to learn how to buy investment property because you think this is a get-rich quick opportunity, then you are mistaken. There are lots of things that you should do before you can actually earn substantial income from real estate, and even before you reach that stage, you should know about buying investment properties that will really work with your budget and what kind of profit you are … [Read more...]

Residential Versus Commercial Investment Property Loans

Understanding Commercial Investment Property Loans to Get Approved You may be one of the many investors who are attracted to commercial investment properties because of their monthly earning potential, not to mention the serious prospect of capital gains over the long haul. If you are thinking about venturing into this kind of real estate investment, you would definitely need a commercial … [Read more...]

When Is It Time to Start Looking for Investment Property Refinance Loans

Lenders make it a point to offer spanking investment property loans like shiny brand new cars. They polish rates and loan terms just like car dealers rub down car hoods to make their offerings attractive to would-be buyers. The time you obtained your investment property mortgage, market conditions may have worked to your advantage with the terms that you got. However, as time went by and the … [Read more...]

Home Equity Loan on Investment Property – Is This the Right Loan for You?

Equity loan on investment property is one of the possible options for you to get the needed cash for the down-payment of your dream house or another rental property. There are many other types of loans out there, and this seems to be one of the promising options especially if you have an existing investment property that you can use as collateral. Before jumping on board to this kind of loan, … [Read more...]

Investment Property Loans – Understanding Investment Property Mortgage Loans And The Factors That Can Affect Loan Rates

Rationale Behind Investment Property Loans Personally funding your own real estate investments can bleed you dry. Most newbie real estate investors do not have the money to fully pay off an investment property, that’s why they will need to secure funding from somewhere. Even savvy real estate investors who have the wherewithal to pay investment properties in full would definitely not do so. … [Read more...]

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Determine The Value Of Real Estate

Understand How Investment Property Values are Determined Just because a promising property measures up to your investing goals does not mean it could not blow up and ruin your investment portfolio. Do not jump the gun by investing in a property which you may have inspected but without verifying its real market value. You must tread the volatile real estate markets in tiptoes as properties there … [Read more...]

Where To Buy Investment Property for Huge Profits

Location precedes structure or the building. That should be the emphasis to consider when deciding on where to buy investment property. A respectable real estate investor once said that if you have to choose between a property in a good location but with an inferior building and a property in a lousy location with an impressive building, pick the former. This is because location is constant while … [Read more...]

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