Why Cash Out Refinance On Investment Property

Cash Out Refinance on Investment Property

You may wonder how smart investors built their wealth so quickly. They simply use their property's equity to fund the purchase of another property, more like tapping into their gold mine. Savvy investors know having an investment property provides property owners the potential to either build wealth or boost cash flow. In short, when you cash out refinance on investment property, the capacity to … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When Creating Creative Fireplaces

Creative Fireplaces

Nothing is more enjoyable than a fire burning on a cold winter evening. No one can deny that fireplaces create a focal point in any room, not to mention adding character and elegance to the room. A fireplace is one the best places in the house to bond with family members while enjoying the warmth it offers. In the olden days, fireplaces were simply tucked into a wall, and for a good reason - … [Read more...]

Top 8 Tips On How To Build A Secret Compartment

A secret compartment at home will come in handy when thieves strike

There are many reasons to build a hidden compartment in your home. With one out of ten households being victimized by theft every year, some extra protection at home can provide peace of mind. When it comes to building hiding places, they say the ones that are in plain sight are the least to be suspected. Although most of us want to have one, the question is where and how to build a secret … [Read more...]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Refinance Investment Property Rates

Savvy investors look for low refinance investment property rates for a number of reasons

If you have been a real estate investor long enough, then you already know that you will need to refinance your investment property from time to time. Even with low refinance investment property rates, there are advantages and disadvantages to this move. While there are a lot of advantages to refinancing your investment property, there are situations that can make this move the start of major … [Read more...]

4 Non-Traditional Sources of Investment Property Financing

Whether it is for acquiring an investment property or rehabilitating an existing one, every real estate investor knows the value of investment property financing. While many lenders are willing to lend to these investors, but if you are new to this kind of business, you may find lenders hesitate in granting you funding. Plus the pile of documents and paperwork you have to tackle can be … [Read more...]

A Novice’s Guide On How To Buy An Investment Property

how to buy an investment property

For a lot of people, figuring out how to buy an investment property for the first time can seem overwhelming.  Usually, what stresses the beginner is not only the fact that investing in property is an ongoing financial commitment, but also the fear of failure, and the financial jargon that needs to be learned. True, you can always hire an expert to teach you how to buy investment property and … [Read more...]

Things to do before you sell your house

Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 9.14.22 PM

This statement is the truth. Don't forgot those hidden items! … [Read more...]

How to Fix A House To Sell


When you're looking for a house to fix make sure you're able to fix the house and it's not a house that is unable to be worked upon. Do a proper inspection on the house and determine how much money could be needed. Don't be stuck with a crooked house! … [Read more...]

Fixing Ideas- Inside your House


Add some fun to your house by creating a slide to get to the bottom floor of your house instead of using the stairs. Think of it as a investment as you will be not age by sliding down the stairs everyday. … [Read more...]

House Fixes


[Read more...]

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