A Novice’s Guide On How To Buy An Investment Property

how to buy an investment property

For a lot of people, figuring out how to buy an investment property for the first time can seem overwhelming.  Usually, what stresses the beginner is not only the fact that investing in property is an ongoing financial commitment, but also the fear of failure, and the financial jargon that needs to be learned. True, you can always hire an expert to teach you how to buy investment property and … [Read more...]

How to Fix A House To Sell


When you're looking for a house to fix make sure you're able to fix the house and it's not a house that is unable to be worked upon. Do a proper inspection on the house and determine how much money could be needed. Don't be stuck with a crooked house! … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Room Like a Boss

Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 4.41.31 PM

Bed Clock Speakers Laundry Basket Bookshelf Coat Rack Wine Cellar Bookshelf and Bike Rack Clock … [Read more...]

12 Steps To Rehabbing a House

The Herculean Project of Rehabbing a House Rehabbing a house can be daunting to someone doing it for the first time. To eliminate the feeling of intimidation, let’s tear down this massive piece of work into several smaller and manageable tasks. Steps in Rehabbing a House 1. Assess the project and establish the specific jobs that needs to be done with your contractor. Ask your contractor for … [Read more...]

How to Manage Property Rehab Costs for Maximum Efficiency and Value

Quick Tips on How to Minimize and Control the Cost of a Rehab Project Purchase the general construction materials and supplies for your contractors and have it delivered to the job site.  Instead of having your contractors spend their time looking for material, do it yourself if you can.  It’s amazing how long a simple trip to Home Depot can turn into. Property Rehab Written Scope of … [Read more...]

House Fixing Nightmares!


House Fixing at its best in this series of unbelievable home repair projects. I should have known better when the contractor from Good Ole' Boy Engineering said, "We can Fix House to meet anyone's budget! He wasn't kidding. Alternate ceiling fan connections.  Eliminates the need for for those expensive electricians. Here's what you can do with a little PVC pipe and a lot of … [Read more...]

The Right Mix for a Headache-Free House Fixing

House Fixing - Riskier But Richer The higher the risk, the higher the yield. This is one of the general rules in investing, and it applies very well even in real estate investing. Retailing in the housing industry presents to the real estate investors substantial profits that are far heftier than wholesaling. This is because you can increase the value of the property by rehabbing. However, … [Read more...]

FHA 203K Loans and How Real Estate Investors Can Benefit From Them

These days, getting funding for your handyman specials from hard money lenders are getting harder as their requirements become more rigid. Traditionally, getting funding from these private lenders was almost as swift as their speed of driving by the property involved in the deal for inspection.  At the present real estate climate, however, many of these lenders may check on the tax returns, bank … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Legally Avoid the EPA’s New Lead Based Paint Renovation Laws

Should you be afraid of trying to comply with the EPA's new lead based paint laws?  I have heard several real estate investors offer up many different opinions on this topic.  Based on the fines involved, I would not willfully violate these laws whether you like them or not. The six ideas presented below are derived directly from the EPA's FAQ website. The good news is that only one in four … [Read more...]

Rule of Thumb Costs for Rehabbing a Foreclosed Home

Standard Foreclosed Home 1,000 sq. ft. 3 - 4 beds, 1bath Rule of Thumb Costs (costs are averaged) EXTERIOR Roof - standard tear off and reshingle $4,000 Roof - replace plywood $1,500 Roof - add a layer of shingles $3,000 Vinyl siding (removal of old siding included) $6,000 or $5 - $6 / sq. ft. Tuckpointing $1.50 / sq. ft. Pour new concrete - … [Read more...]

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