4 Ways To Protect Your Rental Property With Investment Property Insurance

Sleep Well At Night By Getting The Right Investment Property Insurance How would you respond to the catastrophic news that your multi-unit apartment has sustained severe damage due to a tumultuous windstorm or a fire? Will you say: “Oh! That’s bad to hear, but everything will be okay since I got it covered.” “Shucks! Is the insurance I got sufficient to cover against the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Investment Property Tax Deductions

Understanding The Scope of Investment Property Tax Deductions One of the perks that attract investors to put their money in investment properties is tax incentives. No other investment vehicle offers this much tax advantage that rental property investment can offer. These deductions can significantly mean your profit or loss. However, those new to their role as landlords, and a few old-timers … [Read more...]

Easy Guide For Renting Out Your Property To Section 8 Tenants

Many posts ago, we discussed the merits of taking in Section 8 tenants. Many landlords are lured to rent out their properties to these tenants because HUD’s Section 8 has made things easier for them in terms of minimizing late rental payments; property protection; minimizing turn-over; and shortening vacancy periods. If you want to your rental property business to be virtually stress-free, then … [Read more...]

Kick Start Your Real Estate Investing Business Through the Assignment of Contract

Contract Assignment A great way for a fledgling real estate investor to kick-start a career in this business is by flipping contracts. When you assign a contract, it means that you grant another party to your rights and prerogatives in a written agreement in exchange for consideration. In legal parlance, “consideration” is anything that has value, including money, goods, services and … [Read more...]

Landlord Tips For the Legally Blind Property Owner

Landlord Tips on Rental Applications and Lease Agreements Prevention is better than cure. The cliche surely applies to renting out properties, and legal documents such as Rental Applications, Lease Agreements and lease clause inserts are your prophylaxis to the headaches that many landlords suffer from when they have not taken the trouble of getting vaccinated. Some experienced landlords and … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Defense Strategies for Real Estate Investors

What is Foreclosure Defense? Foreclosure defense is a legal strategy in which a homeowner retains the services of an attorney to complete a forensic loan audit of all the documents associated with the mortgage. The attorney is looking for fraud and predatory lending violations than can then be used to aggressively counter sue the bank for damages and in return force the bank to negotiate with the … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy and the Real Estate Investor – BK Doesn’t Solve Everything

Bankruptcy Options for Real Estate Investors

Flippers and Rehabbers Caught in the Crash Many real estate investors, flippers, and rehabbers were caught with their pants down when the real estate market crashed in mid 2007.  Rehabbing and flipping foreclosures was the craze at the time, as depicted on the many popular TV shows such as Flip This House and Property Ladder.  As long as the money was flowing loosely from the banks to the … [Read more...]

Loan Modification for Investors

Banks are approving loan modifications for investors

Over the past year, I have talked with several investors down on their luck because of the real estate market crash.  Everyone seems to have the same story, “I didn’t see this coming”.  More accurately put, I would say that most of us had our blinders on and tried to enjoy this gravy train as long as we could.  So what does an investor do to get through this downturn? Banks are Approving … [Read more...]

How to Pay Off your Rental Property Mortgage Early

You will have plenty of time to relax when you own several free and clear investment properties.

Put that Positive Cash Flow to Good Use In the years leading up to the real estate debacle which began in May of 2007, many real estate gurus were touting that even if a property barely breaks even on a monthly cash flow basis, it’s still a good deal because of skyrocketing home values.  The option arm mortgages were also marketed on this same premise, that home values will … [Read more...]

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