Should You Opt For House Investors When Selling Your House?

Home sellers can target house investors to be able to sell their homes quickly

In selling your old house, you may have three options - sell your house all by yourself, sell your house through a real estate agent, or sell the house through house investors. Whatever the case, finding a buyer who is willing to pay the greatest amount for your property is always the main goal. If you choose to sell your house all by yourself, you can post it on the internet yourself, on … [Read more...]

7 Awesome Benefits of Lease Options For Landlords

What are Lease Options? Lease options is short for “Lease with the Option to Purchase”. As the name suggests, two events are expected to take place - the lease and purchase of a property, where the latter action is at the discretion of the buyer/tenant. In this contract, you as the seller are bound to sell, but the buyer/tenant is not bound to buy. How Do Lease Options Work? By paying a … [Read more...]

5 Ways Savvy Investors Make Money From Real Estate Investing

There are numerous opportunities in real estate investing, but you have to have a skilled eye at identifying them. Inexperienced investors pass up on great opportunities because they lack the know-how to spot the gold from the seemingly uninteresting properties. Discussed below are five ways you can profit from real estate. Retailing - Buy, Fix, and Profit Retailing, in three words, is buy, fix, … [Read more...]

Property Flipping: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Property Flipping - The Good These days, the term “property flipping” or “house flipping” carries illegal or fraudulent undertones. It used to just innocently mean buying a property or house below market value or at a discounted price from a motivated seller and selling it quickly with little to no renovations done on the property, thus, quickly generating profit. This real estate game … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Defense Strategies for Real Estate Investors

What is Foreclosure Defense? Foreclosure defense is a legal strategy in which a homeowner retains the services of an attorney to complete a forensic loan audit of all the documents associated with the mortgage. The attorney is looking for fraud and predatory lending violations than can then be used to aggressively counter sue the bank for damages and in return force the bank to negotiate with the … [Read more...]

FHA Suspends 90-Day Flip Rule

FHA Flip Rules

FHA Admits They are Hindering the Real Estate Recovery The FHA has finally come to the realization that many investors buying and fixing foreclosures are taking much less than 90-days to rehab their homes.  Good rehabbers can actually have an ugly house ready for occupancy less than 30 days after its purchase.  So beginning February 1, 2010, the FHA is suspending the 90-day resale restriction … [Read more...]

How to Increase Appraisal Values and Pass Inspections on the First Visit

Leaky Roof

The #1 rule is to actually be there!  If you, as the real estate investor, cannot make it to the appraisal, then send your partner, construction manager, or reschedule if permissible.  A bad appraisal or a failed inspection can be the difference between a transaction closing or falling apart or weeks of delays being incurred while waiting for another home inspection from the section 8 … [Read more...]

How to Pay Off Your Rental Property in 5 Years!

Rental Property

This rehabbed foreclosure will be paid off in 5 years and 3 months! Real estate investors across the country are acquiring foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar, rehabbing, refinancing, and renting them out for incredible cash flows. So what’s holding you back? Is it the lack of funds? Or is it no interest in being a landlord? If dealing with tenants has you scared of starting … [Read more...]

$8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Now Applies To Seller Financing Deals

Home Buyer Tax Credit Update The Senate has passed a bill to give homebuyers another three months to close on their homes and receive tax credits up to $8,000. The Tax Extenders Bill would apply to homebuyers who met the April 30, 2010 deadline with a signed contract to purchase a new or existing primary residence. The amendment would extend the deadline to September 30, 2010 for homebuyers … [Read more...]

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