House Fixing Nightmares!

Posted on: May 16, 2011

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House Fixing at its best in this series of unbelievable home repair projects.

I should have known better when the contractor from Good Ole’ Boy Engineering said, “We can Fix House to meet anyone’s budget! He wasn’t kidding.

house fixing outlet House Fixing Nightmares!


Alternate ceiling fan connections.  Eliminates the need for for those expensive electricians.

House Fixing a water heater connection House Fixing Nightmares!


Here’s what you can do with a little PVC pipe and a lot of couplings!

House Fixing HVAC efficiency House Fixing Nightmares!


The ultimate in supply and return air efficiency!

House Fxing roof flashing House Fixing Nightmares!


Roof flashing not needed.  It must not rain in this part of the country.  Wait till you see the roof leak catch system installed in the attic.

House Fixing support beam joists House Fixing Nightmares!


Save money.  Just use use nail gun nails; they will hold up until you’re out of town.

House Fixing pipe plugs House Fixing Nightmares!


Improvise, adapt, and overcome. They said just plug it.  So I did!

House Fixing pipe insulation House Fixing Nightmares!


Plumbing Tip: When you use insulation as piping, remember to always use extra duct tape!

House Fixing electricians mess House Fixing Nightmares!


I’m not an electrician, but it looks good to me. Good job boys!

House Fixing rusty water heater House Fixing Nightmares!


When it rusts through, just turn it over.  It’s still functional.

House Fixing exhaust louver House Fixing Nightmares!


Undersized exhaust louver? Just use the plumbing vent for additional exhaust air.

House Fixing vents House Fixing Nightmares!

House_Fixing_exhaust vents

If you can do it with one, why not more?

House Fixing house ventilator House Fixing Nightmares!


A less expensive but functional whole house ventilation fan.  My contractor did say he could work with any budget!

House Fixing attic mess1 House Fixing Nightmares!


Your guess is as good as mine.

House Fixing cigar box House Fixing Nightmares!

House_Fixing_electrical cigar box

No need to ground this box.  The cigar box is located under the kitchen cook top.  Fendrich was a cigar company in Indiana where this house was located. Frugality at it’s best.

House Fixing lighted fan House Fixing Nightmares!


The latest trend in lighted ventilators.  Everyone has one.

House Fixing roof leaks House Fixing Nightmares!


Back up system for the roof that has no flashing at its penetrations. Yes, those are actually drain lines attached to catch basins that are catching roof leaks.

House Fixing Frankenstein water heater House Fixing Nightmares!


This truly is the Frankenstein design of gas water heaters.

House Fixing missing support beam House Fixing Nightmares!


Eh, didn’t need that beam anyway.

House Fixing dangerous junction box House Fixing Nightmares!


Space is limited.  Take advantage of unused storage space.

House Fixing designer air plenums House Fixing Nightmares!


The latest in designer outside air plenums.

House Fixing electrical design code House Fixing Nightmares!


Efficient electrical design.  Who needs building codes?

House Fixing dryer exhaust vent House Fixing Nightmares!


Save another hole in the wall.  Yes, go ahead and connect the dryer vent to the water heater flue.

House Fixing j box House Fixing Nightmares!


Dip can j-box, from Good Ole’ Boy Engineering Inc.

House Fixing electrical work House Fixing Nightmares!


It works and costs less.

House Fixing roof penetration House Fixing Nightmares!


When the power company told its crew to run electricity to the house, I’m sure they didn’t mean to just stick all the wires through a hole in the roof!

The definition of value engineering.

House Fixing dangerous wiring House Fixing Nightmares!


WTF is this?

House Fixing multiple junction boxes House Fixing Nightmares!


When you run out of conduit, just use what you have left in the truck.

House Fixing shower outlet House Fixing Nightmares!


Duplex outlet in the shower allows your wife to use her electric shaver in the shower; the toilet paper over the tub is in case she cuts herself!! Not even a GFCI?!!

 House Fixing Nightmares!
pixel House Fixing Nightmares!

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