How to Find a Contractor to Flip That House

Posted on: September 15, 2009

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Here is one piece of rehab advice before we get started.  It is your job to tell the contractor what needs to get fixed. Remember this is affordable housing not luxury living.  Even well intentioned contactors forget this sometimes, so you must remind them.

Real estate investment clubs

Real estate investment clubs are the ultimate source of leads for almost anything you need as a beginning investor.  Find the investors that are actively buying, fixing, and flipping properties and ask them for contactor referrals.  Don’t be shy, most rehabbers and foreclosure rehabbers will be more than willing to share their contacts.  In general, people love to help other people.  Investors and rehabbers attend these meetings to network and exchange ideas with others in the rehab business.  New investors can find answers and guidance to many of there newbie investor questions by attending these meetings on a regular basis.

Call the “fully rehabbed home for rent or sale” ads in the paper

Look through the homes for sale or rent section in your newspaper for the ads advertising “rehabbed homes” or those ads with investors wholesaling houses.  Call and explain your situation and ask if they can provide some contractor referrals.  Generally the rehab investor advertising in these ads will have contacts with the kind of contactors you are looking for.  You do not want the general contractor advertising in the yellow pages.  You want the local guys making a living doing rehab work in the neighborhoods you are targeting.

The rehab crew working on your block

On more than one occasion while driving up and down the streets scouting out new neighborhoods, I have stopped and asked for the name and number of a crew working on a good looking rehab.  Make sure to explain who you are first, because there is a good chance the guys may scatter if they think you’re a city inspector or worse an immigration officer.  These guys are always looking for more work, so if you, the realestate investor, cannot keep your crew busy someone else will.

Home Depot Parking Lot

If you have a straightforward job that you will be directing yourself, you can usually find cheap labor in the Home Depot parking lot in most urban areas.  I don’t recommend this for everyone, and it’s illegal in some cities, but I have used $8 an hour labor several times for painting and demolition projects.  You will most likely have to transport them to your project and back at the end of the day.  Think what you want, but these guys were very grateful at the end of the day.


Craigslist is a very popular place for investors, rehabbers, landlords, and contractors to advertise their services or products for free.  You can find a plumber, electrician, or roofer at reasonable rates.  Just be careful at how reasonable the rates are.  I have seen such pitiful rehabbed homes where it would cost less to tear everything out then to try and fix all of the poor workmanship and code violations that are now present.

Buying foreclosures, flipping houses, dealing with contractors, and making lots of money with no money down – that’s what this is all about.

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