Should You Opt For House Investors When Selling Your House?

Posted on: June 24, 2012

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In selling your old house, you may have three options – sell your house all by yourself, sell your house through a real estate agent, or sell the house through house investors. Whatever the case, finding a buyer who is willing to pay the greatest amount for your property is always the main goal.

If you choose to sell your house all by yourself, you can post it on the internet yourself, on newspapers, or get leads from friends and families for potential buyers. If your house happens to be old, unattractive and in need of repairs, it may be quite difficult to sell it. Additionally, having it advertised on newspapers and the like may be costly.

Your second option is to sell your house through a real estate broker. Although people conventionally choose real estate agents to sell their properties, there are setbacks to this option. First of all, real estate agents cannot assure you when your property will get sold. Plus, if the house is too old and not that presentable, your real estate broker may have a hard time selling it, again, another wasted time. If your house finally gets sold, a portion of the sale will have to go to the broker, cutting in on your profits.

FSBO Should You Opt For House Investors When Selling Your House?

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Your third option is selling through house investors. House investors are in the business of buying houses and reselling at a higher price for a profit. They usually accept houses in any condition as long as they can buy it at a low price. They handle all the repairs and gain profit from it by reselling it. The investor’s goal is to negotiate the house for sale at the minimum amount possible, while your goal as the house owner, should be to accept offers as close to market value as possible.

How To Screen House Investors

No one wants to deal with fly by night investors so here are a few tips that will help you to find the right investment company.


You may want to find out the answers to the questions: How long have they been in business? Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? Do they have any proof that they have ever purchased a house before?


Serious house investors have cash and should be able to buy your house in 7-15 days. If they say they need more time, this means they may not have the cash to buy your house and is capitalizing on your house to resell it to a bigger investor. That is fine but the problem is, if they can’t sell it, they will simply back out of the deal.


Some investors just want you to sign a contract without explaining what they plan to do. This is because they are hiding something. Legitimate and respectable house investors observe a certain code of ethics and would take the time to explain the entire purchase process to you.

Anyone selling his or her home would want to find as many house investors as possible so that he or she can select the best offer.

pixel Should You Opt For House Investors When Selling Your House?

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