How Should I Buy An Investment Property Wisely

should i buy an investment property

New Year, new goals, new projects, despite tough economic times, it seems that the question, "should I buy an investment property?", manage to cross the  minds of many. The USA, being an enormous country, generates a GDP of $14 trillion, the highest in the world, representing 23% of the world's wealth. This huge diversity of people and geography offers a wide range of investment opportunities for … [Read more...]

Avoid These Traps When Buying Investment Properties


Buying investment properties is a way to get a more stable financial situation. You get a chance at accumulating wealth and you also get a chance at passive income, that is, if you do your research well and properly execute what you’ve learned. Buying a property for investment is not something to be taken lightly; of course, this is your hard-earned money, so you should treat it … [Read more...]

Buying Investment Property? Brace for These Expenses

The Price of Buying Investment Property If you are new to real estate investing, you have to realize that buying investment property is not as simple as paying for the actual selling price of the property (or the mortgage payments) and then everything’s settled, just like when buying a pair of shoes. Buying investment property includes a bundle of costs and expenses and you need to be able to … [Read more...]

Investment Property Loans – Understanding Investment Property Mortgage Loans And The Factors That Can Affect Loan Rates

Rationale Behind Investment Property Loans Personally funding your own real estate investments can bleed you dry. Most newbie real estate investors do not have the money to fully pay off an investment property, that’s why they will need to secure funding from somewhere. Even savvy real estate investors who have the wherewithal to pay investment properties in full would definitely not do so. … [Read more...]

Best Kept Secrets on How to Make Money Through Tax Lien Investing Revealed

Don’t Be Alien to Tax Lien Investing If you think you can make money in real estate investing only by buying, selling, fixing and renting houses, think again. Take the time to explore the vast field of real estate investing and you will discover other earning opportunities that involve minimal risk and require little capital since you do not actually pay for a piece of the real estate. One of … [Read more...]

Make Money with Mobile Home Investments

Mobile Home Investing - A Profitable Niche If you are looking for a niche in real estate investing, then mobile home investing could be it. Many real estate investors may be turning their backs on mobile home sellers because they may not know that they can make money from mobile homes using similar techniques applied for investing in other types of properties. Consider the following ways on how … [Read more...]

Making Money in Probate Real Estate

Probate Real Estate - A Gold Mine of Great Deals! One of the open secrets of seasoned real estate investors is to “make money with real estate when you buy, not when you sell.” New entrants in this business are taught to look for highly motivated sellers who are, for some reasons, ready to sell for a very low price. If you are already doing this, by now you may have found out that many other … [Read more...]

5 Ways Savvy Investors Make Money From Real Estate Investing

There are numerous opportunities in real estate investing, but you have to have a skilled eye at identifying them. Inexperienced investors pass up on great opportunities because they lack the know-how to spot the gold from the seemingly uninteresting properties. Discussed below are five ways you can profit from real estate. Retailing - Buy, Fix, and Profit Retailing, in three words, is buy, fix, … [Read more...]

Choosing The Appropriate Legal Entity To Own Your Investment Property

Real estate investing is not all bed of roses. The challenges of running a real estate business is not limited to just the actual finding of a good investment property and conveniently collecting monthly rental income or handsomely earning a good profit by creatively selling it. Investing in real estate also entails cost and risk management. The form of legal entity that supports your investment … [Read more...]

How To Buy Investment Property

Buying Investment Property - What’s At Stake Buying your first investment property can be daunting since it involves an elaborate buying decision-making process and a substantial amount of money. One wrong move could possibly lead you to losses instead of handsome returns. That is why, before making any move, it is crucial for real estate investment rookies to learn the ropes from industry … [Read more...]

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