12 Steps To Rehabbing a House

The Herculean Project of Rehabbing a House Rehabbing a house can be daunting to someone doing it for the first time. To eliminate the feeling of intimidation, let’s tear down this massive piece of work into several smaller and manageable tasks. Steps in Rehabbing a House 1. Assess the project and establish the specific jobs that needs to be done with your contractor. Ask your contractor for … [Read more...]

House Fixing Nightmares!


House Fixing at its best in this series of unbelievable home repair projects. I should have known better when the contractor from Good Ole' Boy Engineering said, "We can Fix House to meet anyone's budget! He wasn't kidding. Alternate ceiling fan connections.  Eliminates the need for for those expensive electricians. Here's what you can do with a little PVC pipe and a lot of … [Read more...]

The Right Mix for a Headache-Free House Fixing

House Fixing - Riskier But Richer The higher the risk, the higher the yield. This is one of the general rules in investing, and it applies very well even in real estate investing. Retailing in the housing industry presents to the real estate investors substantial profits that are far heftier than wholesaling. This is because you can increase the value of the property by rehabbing. However, … [Read more...]

How Property Management Specialists Make Your Real Estate Life Easy

As the upsurge of great deals rush into your real estate business, you may now be accumulating rental properties with number and locations that may be too much for you to handle. Instead of devoting you time deciding on which next handyman special to acquire, marketing your newly acquired properties or spending your weekend playing baseball with your son, your day may be encumbered with fixing … [Read more...]

The Most Common Mistake Made by Newbie Real Estate Investors

Do not become a landlord or fix and flip real estate investor without the appropriate reserve funds. Without the appropriate reserve funds you will most likely be adding to our economy’s foreclosure backlog and just become another statistic. Take this advice seriously, it has been learned the hard way by many investors that have come before you. Refer to Murphy's Law. The Perfect Rehab? How … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Legally Avoid the EPA’s New Lead Based Paint Renovation Laws

Should you be afraid of trying to comply with the EPA's new lead based paint laws?  I have heard several real estate investors offer up many different opinions on this topic.  Based on the fines involved, I would not willfully violate these laws whether you like them or not. The six ideas presented below are derived directly from the EPA's FAQ website. The good news is that only one in four … [Read more...]

Landlord’s Rehab Flooring Guide

Rehab Flooring

Landlord’s flooring guide for rehabbing for cash flow Rehabbing a foreclosure to hold as a rental property, versus selling it to a homeowner, requires a different approach to the rehab than one may be accustomed to.  Think durability.  Most tenants generally do not care for their homes as well as homeowners.  Also, many homes in rental heavy neighborhoods usually wind up having many more … [Read more...]

Landlord’s Guide To Exterior Rehab Choices

Roof A cheap and effective roofing rehab choice can be the use of roll roofing.  This choice is better suited for homes with steeply pitched roofs.  Instead of shingles, this roofing choice is rolled onto the roof and stapled in place.  This choice is cost effective and reliable if installed correctly.  Now it does not look as nice as a shingled roof, but we have not had any difficulty … [Read more...]

Rehab Financing with the Local Community Bank

For investors with little to no cash to start with, hard money loans should be considered as the first financing option for buying and fixing foreclosures.  Looking for private investors at the beginning of one’s rehab investing career is difficult due to the lack of experience and no proven track record which is very important to private lenders.  For those investors with some cash to invest, … [Read more...]

Flipping Houses Strategy – Don’t Get This Wrong!

Define your "House Flipping" Strategy and Stick To It When referring to flipping properties, we are referring to the "art" of buying a broken down house, rehabbing it quickly, and turning it into profitable asset in the least amount of time at a controlled cost. The exit strategy can be either to sell for quick profit or rent out the house for cash flow.  The decision typically depends on the … [Read more...]

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