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Why Should a Real Estate Investor Not Be Content With Just Wholesaling?

Posted on: January 13, 2011

Categories: Buy, Investors, Other Articles

Author: lbeam

In psychology, the capacity to delay gratification is a manifestation of emotional maturity. This was demonstrated in a study where most younger children opted to immediately get the small candy rather than wait for a bigger one later. This may also be apparent in real estate investing, but the maturity in question is, to a greater extent, financial rather than emotional.

If you have been around the block buying, fixing and selling or renting out properties then chances are, you would carry a “Been there, done that!” stance when the discussion of wholesaling is broached. And most likely, flipping is where it all began for you.

For most newbies in the business, wholesaling opens the doorway to real estate investing because it allows one to quickly make profits, as in the small but readily available candy, even with little to… Read the rest

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