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Attracting Private Money Lenders For Real Estate : A Marketing Pursuit

Posted on: October 31, 2011

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Author: lbuen

Private Money Lenders for Real Estate – No Ordinary Lenders

So you think obtaining financing from private money lenders for real estate is a financing process? Think again! For savvy real estate entrepreneurs, they know that it is a marketing undertaking. Why? Let’s first take a glimpse at the financing process of applying for traditional loans.

Applying for Funding From Traditional Lenders

In the typical financing process, you need to submit an application at a bank or lending institution and submit a mountain of paperwork to support your application. Your credit score, financial state, and other qualifications have to pass the loan committee’s stringent standards. In effect, you are asking the bank a favor to lend you money by seeking their approval, and in return you pay them interest for the loan. You are at the banker’s mercy.But this is… Read the rest

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