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How To Buy Investment Properties And Turn Them Into Profitable Assets

Posted on: April 10, 2012

Categories: Buy, Profit, Property Management, Things To Consider

Author: Linsin

Buying investment property has long been discovered as a lucrative means to earn.  In fact, property investment is now a favorite strategy utilized by many savvy investors looking to strengthen resources when retirement comes. However, it is not easy and in order to be successful in the field, one must learn the right strategies on how to buy investment properties. Making sound business decisions is crucial too, including having the capability to manage your property and mortgage issues carefully and developing good taxation planning.

How To Buy Investment Properties -An Aspiring Investor’s Guide

Property investment provides many ways to earn large amounts of money. However, getting into property investment can be overwhelming to a new or aspiring real estate investor so that you need specific strategies to be assured of good returns and profit. A few investment strategies to consider… Read the rest

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5 Ways Savvy Investors Make Money From Real Estate Investing

Posted on: May 31, 2011

Categories: Buy, Fix, How To Sell, Profit

Author: lbuen

5 Ways Savvy Investors Make Money From Real Estate Investing

There are numerous opportunities in real estate investing, but you have to have a skilled eye at identifying them. Inexperienced investors pass up on great opportunities because they lack the know-how to spot the gold from the seemingly uninteresting properties. Discussed below are five ways you can profit from real estate.

Retailing – Buy, Fix, and Profit

Retailing, in three words, is buy, fix, profit. Many newbie investors enter the real estate trade using this strategy. I’m sure you already know all about this strategy. You buy handyman specials at great prices, rehab them, and sell them for profit. One costly mistake a handful of fledglings commit is underestimating the cost of repairs. Savvy rehabbers already have a network of contractors and a checklist of repairs to watch out for and their estimated costs. They do not rely on… Read the rest

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