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FHA Suspends 90-Day Flip Rule

Posted on: January 21, 2010

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FHA Suspends 90-Day Flip Rule

FHA Admits They are Hindering the Real Estate Recovery

The FHA has finally come to the realization that many investors buying and fixing foreclosures are taking much less than 90-days to rehab their homes.  Good rehabbers can actually have an ugly house ready for occupancy less than 30 days after its purchase.  So beginning February 1, 2010, the FHA is suspending the 90-day resale restriction imposed on sellers selling to buyers using FHA insured financing.

In order to re-sell a home to a FHA buyer in under 90 days, the following conditions must be met.

This chart was created using the information listed in the Waiver of Requirements of 24CFR 203.37a(b)(2) which is located on the HUD website at

Here are two more points not listed in the chart.

1. The 90-days flip restriction waiver will expire one… Read the rest

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How to Buy Foreclosures, REO’s and HUD Properties Without Ever Seeing Them!

Posted on: September 15, 2009

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A busy rehabber and real estate investor does not have the time to view every foreclosure that comes on the market and work out the detailed costs of every purchase.  That approach is not an effective use of the real estate investor’s time and resources.  You will miss out on many good deals trying to analyze the cost of every rehab prior to submitting an offer.  Let’s make life as simple as possible here.

Follow these steps to start submitting multiple offers on foreclosures, REO’s, and HUD properties without ever seeing the property.  Learn to submit offers based on price points and spend that quality time with family and friends instead.

1.  Learn the neighborhood

The first thing an investor must do is learn the neighborhood inside and out that is going to be targeted for flipping homes.  … Read the rest

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