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When Does Refinancing Investment Property Loans Make Sense?

Posted on: November 12, 2011

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Author: lbuen

You may have seen ads or brochures enticing property investors to refinance their investment property loans; and you are turning over this move in your mind. Your personal and financial landscape may have changed over the years since you obtained the mortgage loan, or perhaps, you have some urgent motivations for contemplating refinancing your loan, or you are simply intrigued if refinancing can benefit you. Why not give your current investment property loan a checkup and find out if there is a mortgage product in the market that better satisfies your requirements than your existing loan. In fact, re-evaluating your loan every two years or so to find out if refinancing to a product that better fulfills your needs is recommended by mortgage brokers. So what could be the reasons for you to refinance your investment property loan?

Why Refinance

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5 Valid Reasons For Obtaining Loans From Private Money Lenders

Posted on: April 16, 2011

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Author: lbuen

5 Valid Reasons For Obtaining Loans From Private Money Lenders

Funding Real Estate Deals Using Private Money

Private money lenders are a fantastic source of funding for your real estate business. There are several strong points you can get when you finance your deals with private money compared to traditional loans, lines of credit, bank loans and other types of financing.

Perks of Private Money

Private money played an important role in fueling my real estate business forward. Even when I was just starting, private money has been there to help me close bankable deals. The following are some things I like about this form of financing:

1. No Credit Probe. Your siblings, dad, aunt or anyone in the family could be your private investor. You can also request for private funding from friends, business partners and through referral of people who do not want their spare money to… Read the rest

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4 Ways To Source Investment Property Loans

Posted on: February 11, 2011

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Author: lbuen

The drop of mortgage rates and the oversupply of properties in the real estate market have encouraged a number of beginning real estate investors to take a plunge into the market opportunities. Hence, many are now on a treasure hunt, not just for investment properties, but for investment property loans to finance their deals, as well. Generally, an investor can tap investment property funding from four sources.

Low and Slow Investment Property Loans From Banks

Savvy real estate investors tend to shy away from banks because they take at least 30 -45 days to approve a loan especially investment property loans. They are also more stringent in terms of credit rating and in requiring some paperwork to establish the financial stability of the borrower. The strong point about banks though is that they charge lesser interest rates than other… Read the rest

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Rehab Financing with the Local Community Bank

Posted on: September 15, 2009

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Author: buyfixandprofit

For investors with little to no cash to start with, hard money loans should be considered as the first financing option for buying and fixing foreclosures.  Looking for private investors at the beginning of one’s rehab investing career is difficult due to the lack of experience and no proven track record which is very important to private lenders.  For those investors with some cash to invest, look to the local community bank in the neighborhood you are planning to do business in for your best lending options.

Not all community banks are the same, but there will usually be at least one bank that is tied into the community with investor friendly programs to rehab realestate in the local community.  Rehabbers provide an important service that commercial builders and large corporations cannot compete with.  Rehabbers keep their overhead low… Read the rest

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