5 Ways To Obtain More Affordable Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance - An Expense Worth It Every shrewd landlord knows that a landlord insurance is vital to his rental property business. Although it is not a legal requirement, it can save you from several heartaches. It may be an expense on the one hand, but on the other hand, it provides peace of mind and security against any unforeseen damage to your investment property. The trick here is to … [Read more...]

7 Awesome Benefits of Lease Options For Landlords

What are Lease Options? Lease options is short for “Lease with the Option to Purchase”. As the name suggests, two events are expected to take place - the lease and purchase of a property, where the latter action is at the discretion of the buyer/tenant. In this contract, you as the seller are bound to sell, but the buyer/tenant is not bound to buy. How Do Lease Options Work? By paying a … [Read more...]

Add an Awesome Pool to Your Investment Property


Increase your Investment Property Rental Income This pool adds the extra element to any house. This will guarantee that your rental home will be rented out fast and will provide maximum rental income. The pool is not only deep, but can go deeper and deeper. With your perplexed mindset within it you can escape reality. Stylistically, it's very pleasing to the eye and will be asked upon from any … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Protect Your Rental Property With Investment Property Insurance

Sleep Well At Night By Getting The Right Investment Property Insurance How would you respond to the catastrophic news that your multi-unit apartment has sustained severe damage due to a tumultuous windstorm or a fire? Will you say: “Oh! That’s bad to hear, but everything will be okay since I got it covered.” “Shucks! Is the insurance I got sufficient to cover against the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Investment Property Tax Deductions

Understanding The Scope of Investment Property Tax Deductions One of the perks that attract investors to put their money in investment properties is tax incentives. No other investment vehicle offers this much tax advantage that rental property investment can offer. These deductions can significantly mean your profit or loss. However, those new to their role as landlords, and a few old-timers … [Read more...]

8 Things Every Real Estate Investor Must Know About Landlord Insurance

Like any other insurance, a landlord insurance is a real estate investor’s way of managing risks against uncertain losses. Can you soundly sleep at night if you are unsure of whether or not your 8-plex is insured correctly? If your tenants are compelled to move out due to fire, does your insurance cover such loss-of-rent? Before any untoward event happens and regret shows up, take the time to … [Read more...]

6 Key Points To Consider When Hiring Investment Property Managers

Entrusting Real Estate To Investment Property Managers With your investment property acquired and ready for occupancy, all you need is a company to manage it so that your little cash machine can start streaming money into your bank account in your absence. However, entrusting your investment to another company is not easy. The choice of a property manager can mean your profit or your loss. With … [Read more...]

Easy Guide For Renting Out Your Property To Section 8 Tenants

Many posts ago, we discussed the merits of taking in Section 8 tenants. Many landlords are lured to rent out their properties to these tenants because HUD’s Section 8 has made things easier for them in terms of minimizing late rental payments; property protection; minimizing turn-over; and shortening vacancy periods. If you want to your rental property business to be virtually stress-free, then … [Read more...]

Understanding ROI in REI

REI Doors Open To All The relative ease of entry is luring more and more people to turn their hands to real estate investing, or REI, not to mention that information about running the lucrative housing business is all over the Internet; you just have to discern which tips and advice to follow. It requires little, some would even say zero, capitalization that is why it is welcoming to beginners. … [Read more...]

Hot Rental Property Tips That Will Warm Your Winter

Rental Property Tips From the Squirrels Brrr.... Right now, squirrels are cozying up to one another’s company, sleeping and eating the days of winter away. As a landlord, you should be doing that too, instead of heading down your rental property in the cold just to address some issues that may have been prevented had you emulated the foresight of the rodents. Next time, to keep you snuggled … [Read more...]

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