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7 Awesome Benefits of Lease Options For Landlords

Posted on: June 16, 2011

Categories: How To Sell, Profit

Author: lbuen

7 Awesome Benefits of Lease Options For Landlords

What are Lease Options?

Lease options is short for “Lease with the Option to Purchase”. As the name suggests, two events are expected to take place – the lease and purchase of a property, where the latter action is at the discretion of the buyer/tenant. In this contract, you as the seller are bound to sell, but the buyer/tenant is not bound to buy.

How Do Lease Options Work?

By paying a valuable consideration upfront, the buyer/tenant gets an option to buy a property at an agreed price at the end of an established period of lease, typically one to three years for residential properties, but could get longer due to the present credit environment. The consideration, which is often nonrefundable, is usually at two to three percent of the market value of the home. This is preferable for… Read the rest

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