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Coming To Terms With Private Hard Money Lenders

Posted on: October 22, 2011

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Author: lbuen

Private Hard Money Lenders – Quick and Flexible Source of Funding

Many real estate investors turn to private hard money lenders because they can provide quick and short term financing, require less paperwork and less stringent qualifications. Oftentimes, these money men lend to individuals who do not qualify for a traditional loan because of bad credit rating and other similar circumstances. This exposes them to higher risks of default. To offset this, they have laid their own terms when lending money. Of course, these terms vary from one lender to another, but nonetheless, they share more or less the same lending yardstick. Before using private hard money, let us take a look at the answers to questions pertaining to the terms of private hard money loan to find out if they fit your needs.

1. How Much Can You Borrow

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