How Should I Buy An Investment Property Wisely

should i buy an investment property

New Year, new goals, new projects, despite tough economic times, it seems that the question, "should I buy an investment property?", manage to cross the  minds of many. The USA, being an enormous country, generates a GDP of $14 trillion, the highest in the world, representing 23% of the world's wealth. This huge diversity of people and geography offers a wide range of investment opportunities for … [Read more...]

Avoid These Traps When Buying Investment Properties


Buying investment properties is a way to get a more stable financial situation. You get a chance at accumulating wealth and you also get a chance at passive income, that is, if you do your research well and properly execute what you’ve learned. Buying a property for investment is not something to be taken lightly; of course, this is your hard-earned money, so you should treat it … [Read more...]

4 Types of Investment Property Loan Rates

Investment Property Loan Rates Can Make or Break Investments So, you have finally decided on your first ever property to invest in. Your next move would be to get a mortgage loan to back your investment. You have learned that the investment property loan rate is one of the critical aspects of the loan, which can significantly impact the bottom line of your real estate investment. It is, thus, … [Read more...]

How to Loan Investment Property Without Down Payment

Jump-start Your Real Estate Investing Business, Loan Investment Property Without Down Payment You can say that you actually have a foot in the property investing door once you have acquired your first investment property already. However, as an investor you may already have gotten acquainted with the different stumbling blocks when you loan investment property that you did not encounter when … [Read more...]

7 Strategies To Convince a Private Money Lender To Fund Your Real Estate Deal

So you have set up your real estate website and blog to establish your online presence and start building on your name as an authority in the industry to build credibility not just for buyers and sellers of properties, but investors, as well. You have kicked off your word-of-mouth marketing by tapping your network to make known to everyone you know that you are into real estate investing. And so … [Read more...]

6 Sure-Fire Ways of Attracting Private Money Lenders

Attracting Private Money Lenders

Private Money Lenders - The Most Convenient and Flexible Source of Funding As you already know, funding for your real estate deals is essential; without which, the deal cannot proceed. However, you may have noticed that with the present real estate market falling apart at the seams, getting funding is not as easy at it used to be. Requirements for traditional funding have become tighter. You … [Read more...]

12 Steps To Rehabbing a House

The Herculean Project of Rehabbing a House Rehabbing a house can be daunting to someone doing it for the first time. To eliminate the feeling of intimidation, let’s tear down this massive piece of work into several smaller and manageable tasks. Steps in Rehabbing a House 1. Assess the project and establish the specific jobs that needs to be done with your contractor. Ask your contractor for … [Read more...]

Landlord’s Guide To Paying Taxes For Rental Income Property

Give To The IRS What is Due To The IRS - Paying Taxes for Your Rental Income Property Letting go of 25 to 35 percent of your income to tax is often a painful but compulsory thing to do. You would think of the things you could have bought with the said amount: renovate your multi-door apartment, go on a family vacation, finance another investment, or whatever it is that you want to spend on. … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Obtain More Affordable Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance - An Expense Worth It Every shrewd landlord knows that a landlord insurance is vital to his rental property business. Although it is not a legal requirement, it can save you from several heartaches. It may be an expense on the one hand, but on the other hand, it provides peace of mind and security against any unforeseen damage to your investment property. The trick here is to … [Read more...]

Best Kept Secrets on How to Make Money Through Tax Lien Investing Revealed

Don’t Be Alien to Tax Lien Investing If you think you can make money in real estate investing only by buying, selling, fixing and renting houses, think again. Take the time to explore the vast field of real estate investing and you will discover other earning opportunities that involve minimal risk and require little capital since you do not actually pay for a piece of the real estate. One of … [Read more...]

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