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The Right Mix for a Headache-Free House Fixing

Posted on: January 27, 2011

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Author: lbuen

House Fixing – Riskier But Richer
The higher the risk, the higher the yield. This is one of the general rules in investing, and it applies very well even in real estate investing.
Retailing in the housing industry presents to the real estate investors substantial profits that are far heftier than wholesaling. This is because you can increase the value of the property by rehabbing. However, conforming to the investing precept just mentioned, rehabbing also brings greater risk because it requires more capital to fund the house fixing. It is thus, vital that the project be carried out properly. You need to buy the right property with the right repairs, hire the right contractors and fix the right contract for a headache-free house fixing project.
Buying The Right Property for House Fixing
While a property selling below 60 percent of

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What is a Hard Money Lender?

Posted on: November 7, 2009

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Author: buyfixandprofit

What is a Hard Money Lender?

Short-Term Loans

A hard money lender makes short-term loans based on the value of an asset, in this case a property, with little regard to the borrower’s credit and/or finances.  Hard money lenders charge higher interest rates than standard banks due to the high risk nature of these loans.  Unlike traditional banks, hard money lenders can provide funds quickly, usually in 10-14 days, to purchase and rehab distressed properties.  These properties can be in need of significant repairs or be in various stages of foreclosure. This makes these loans popular with first time real estate investors that have little working capital or poor credit scores.  Look to use hard money loans to rehab foreclosures as your means to purchase and rehab your first couple properties.

Rehabber Loans

Hard money lenders will only provide loan terms of 4 – 6 months at… Read the rest

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