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Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Investment Property Tax Deductions

Posted on: June 3, 2011

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Author: lbuen

Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Investment Property Tax Deductions

Understanding The Scope of Investment Property Tax Deductions

One of the perks that attract investors to put their money in investment properties is tax incentives. No other investment vehicle offers this much tax advantage that rental property investment can offer. These deductions can significantly mean your profit or loss. However, those new to their role as landlords, and a few old-timers often unwittingly pass up on the opportunity to make tax savings from their property investments because they do not know the extent of the exemptions. Cash in on this exemptions by familiarizing yourself with what are covered in investment property tax deductions. If you own small residential rental property(s), then you can enjoy the following tax deductions:

Investment Property Tax Deductions For Owners of Small Residential Rental Properties

Depreciation. You, as a landlord, can recoup the cost of… Read the rest

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