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Understanding ROI in REI

Posted on: January 31, 2011

Categories: Investors, Profit

Author: lbuen

REI Doors Open To All

The relative ease of entry is luring more and more people to turn their hands to real estate investing, or REI, not to mention that information about running the lucrative housing business is all over the Internet; you just have to discern which tips and advice to follow. It requires little, some would even say zero, capitalization that is why it is welcoming to beginners. Less capitalization also means lesser risk for losses for the newbies. However, the most enticing lure why people get into REI is the substantial profits that could be raked in in a relatively short time if you get things right.


One of the most common measures of the quality of an investment is the Return on Investment or ROI. It… Read the rest

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Hot Rental Property Tips That Will Warm Your Winter

Posted on: January 30, 2011

Categories: Property Management

Author: lbuen

Rental Property Tips From the Squirrels

Brrr…. Right now, squirrels are cozying up to one another’s company, sleeping and eating the days of winter away. As a landlord, you should be doing that too, instead of heading down your rental property in the cold just to address some issues that may have been prevented had you emulated the foresight of the rodents. Next time, to keep you snuggled down in your sofa reading a page-turner, remember to follow these rental property tips before the next winter arrives.

Arrange a maintenance check just before the cold bites so that unnecessary inconveniences can be prevented. Maintenance checks may sound bothersome for some tenants, but if you explain to them how they can benefit from such, it will warm their hearts.

Rental Property Tips To Keep the Electric Bill Down

Fireplaces and the… Read the rest

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