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4 Crucial Reasons Not To Get An Investment Loan, Property

Posted on: February 2, 2012

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Author: lbuen

The Allure of Getting An Investment Loan, Property

The glut of real estate available, thanks to the avalanche of foreclosures, short sales, REOs and hard-pressed homeowners, have significantly pushed prices of investment properties further down. This is making a lot of real estate investors salivate as experts declare that now is the right time to invest in real estate. You may be among the scores of first-time investors raring to invest in real estate and become a landlord, intending to use rental income to cover for the costs of acquiring and maintaining a property, and hope to have the property’s value go up in the years to come. But is it really a great time to obtain an investment loan and property to rent out? If you are determined to do so, make sure to bulk up your landlord muscle… Read the rest

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Easy Guide For Renting Out Your Property To Section 8 Tenants

Posted on: May 25, 2011

Categories: Procedures, Profit

Author: lbuen

Easy Guide For Renting Out Your Property To Section 8 Tenants

Many posts ago, we discussed the merits of taking in Section 8 tenants. Many landlords are lured to rent out their properties to these tenants because HUD’s Section 8 has made things easier for them in terms of minimizing late rental payments; property protection; minimizing turn-over; and shortening vacancy periods. If you want to your rental property business to be virtually stress-free, then follow these steps:

Prepping The Rental Property For Section 8 Tenants

Getting the rental property ready for inspection by interested Section 8 tenants would obviously be the first thing to do. Stage the home to make it more appealing and do not forget about curb appeal to lure them inside. When renovating properties for these type of tenants, go for durability over grandeur. Remember that there is a mandatory Section 8 inspection, so forget… Read the rest

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Hurdles To Brace For When Buying Investment Properties

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Categories: Buy, Investors, Other Articles, Property Management, Things To Consider

Author: lbuen

The Lure of Buying Investment Properties

Fed up with the mercurial temperament of the stock market? Multitudes of people have instead been drawn to buying investment properties that can provide cash flow for years to come in the form of rental income. The many landlords enjoying semi-retirement funded by their steady streams of income from their rental properties indicate the bankable rewards of investing in the real estate. However, it also has its share of hurdles that any investor must be aware of and brace for.

The Setbacks of Buying Investment Properties
Vacancies and Funding Mortgage Payments From Somewhere Else

The promised steady stream of income from your rental property may not be as steady as you may have hoped for because there will be times when you will experience vacancies. Buying investment… Read the rest

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