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Home Equity Loan on Investment Property – Is This the Right Loan for You?

Posted on: December 27, 2011

Categories: Buy, Commercial Building, Residential House

Author: Jong

Equity loan on investment property is one of the possible options for you to get the needed cash for the down-payment of your dream house or another rental property. There are many other types of loans out there, and this seems to be one of the promising options especially if you have an existing investment property that you can use as collateral.

Before jumping on board to this kind of loan, it is best to know what home equity loan on investment property really is, and determine its suitability in your case. This is by no means suitable for all circumstances. There are instances where this type of loan is not recommended. It is, likewise, important to know its pros and cons in order to better understand how this loan can help you.

What is an Equity Loan on Investment

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