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3 Sure-Fire Ways To Determine The Value Of Real Estate

Posted on: April 9, 2011

Categories: Commercial Building, Residential House

Author: lbuen

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Determine The Value Of Real Estate

Understand How Investment Property Values are Determined

Just because a promising property measures up to your investing goals does not mean it could not blow up and ruin your investment portfolio. Do not jump the gun by investing in a property which you may have inspected but without verifying its real market value. You must tread the volatile real estate markets in tiptoes as properties there could become financial landmines. You cannot simply buy the seller’s or the country tax rolls figures; you have to do your own assessment. How do you exactly do this? You can determine a property’s worth in three ways depending on the kind of investing you are involved in.

Computing Value of Property in 3 Ways:
Comparable Market Approach

This method is commonly used in computing for the value of single-family or… Read the rest

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