Things to Consider When Creating Creative Fireplaces

Nothing is more enjoyable than a fire burning on a cold winter evening. No one can deny that fireplaces create a focal point in any room, not to mention adding character and elegance to the room. A fireplace is one the best places in the house to bond with family members while enjoying the warmth it offers. In the olden days, fireplaces were simply tucked into a wall, and for a good reason – fireplaces were then made of bricks with chimneys at the top. This is probably one of the reasons why creative fireplaces were created. Thanks to the invention of ventless fireplaces. Today, fireplaces can be placed anywhere and can be made out of stainless steel, wood finish and even glass.

Creative fireplaces can be a masterpiece. However, it also comes with a price. If you’re looking to building a creative fireplace with interior design but don’t have a lot of money to spend, don’t despair. You can still construct an economical but expensive-looking fireplace if you give enough time poring over magazines and architectural journals.

Things to consider when building creative fireplaces

Size of the room

 Things to Consider When Creating Creative Fireplaces

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Always consider the size of the room where the creative fireplace is to be built. If working with a small room, space should not only be conserved and this is where creativity comes handy. Remember that a large fireplace in a small room could also overpower the room. Therefore, the fireplace must be sized accordingly. Select appropriately sized fireplace inserts or compact wood burning stoves that are ideal for interior design fireplaces for small spaces. Not only do they create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, they also makes the room more comfy to lounge in.

If you’re working with large rooms, you can place the fireplace at a central location and use the room for entertaining guests and socializing.


Being creative does not always mean using expensive materials. You can also create stunning and unique designs by making use of indigenous materials such as bricks and stone that are easily accessible within your area. You can make use of oddly shaped bricks or stones of various shapes, textures, and colors.

Using indigenous materials not only lets you save, but also support local businesses from which you source the materials.


One of the important factors when building creative fireplaces is cost. Materials that are difficult to acquire are usually more expensive. Determine your budget and design, then try to work on both without sacrificing one for the other.

Creative fireplaces say a lot yourself, too. Therefore try to be creative with the design of your fireplace to make the room much more personal. Just don’t forget to be careful that all precautions and considerations are taken to make your project a success.

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