Top 8 Tips On How To Build A Secret Compartment

There are many reasons to build a hidden compartment in your home. With one out of ten households being victimized by theft every year, some extra protection at home can provide peace of mind. When it comes to building hiding places, they say the ones that are in plain sight are the least to be suspected. Although most of us want to have one, the question is where and how to build a secret compartment at home. Here are a few ideas on hiding places at home.

How To Build A Secret Compartment Top 8 Tips On How To Build A Secret CompartmentIdeas On How To Build A Secret Compartment At Home

1. Trap Door

A trap door on the floor leading to a secret compartment is one of the coolest hiding places. To do this, you can simply cut into any wood floor, then place a wood frame under the opening to hold the trap door secure. A wood or sheet metal compartment can be built under the trap door to hold any of the items to be hidden. Placing a carpet above the trap door or a side table will further hide the secret compartment. Depending on how valuable the hidden items are, the compartment may be built large enough to hold a fireproof box.

2. Wall mounted hiding place

A wall mounted hiding place is another great idea as a hidden compartment by creating an opening between the wall studs. Choose spots that are not exposed, such as walls behind your headboard, or behind large pieces of furniture. You can further camouflage the area by hanging artwork or a heavy mirror.

3. Beams

Before starting on this project, make sure that the beam is not a true support beam otherwise you will compromise the support system of an area in your house. Create the secret compartment by removing a “support” beam, hollowing an opening at the top or backside.

4. Stairways

Stairways are great places to make as hideaways. An existing stairway may be renovated to make a small room underneath it.

5. Baseboards

Remove a small section of baseboard, hollow the area where you want to store your valuables and replace the baseboard.

6. Furniture

Furniture are great places to build secret drawers. You can remove stationary drawer fronts in cabinets then attach secret containers to the backsides of the drawer fronts. You may also remove molding on cabinets, create a hollow, then replace the molding.

7. Bookcases

Most bookcases have a few inches of dead space below that is protected by molding. You can remove the molding and create a space to store items,You can also attach the valuables to the underside of the shelf by nailing a box or by using magnets and an attached magnetic strip.

8. Light Switch

Remove an electric outlet plate or light switch. Make sure to turn off the electricity before starting. Now you can store small valuables within the box. You may also create a box nearby that you can access from behind the plate.

There are a number of innovative ideas on how to build your secret compartment. Having taken the time on building one, make sure never tell anyone where the hiding places are located.

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