Videos of Houses Being Obliterated

Posted on: April 22, 2011

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There’s really no flipping any of these houses around as they get wrecked. Mother Nature shows no remorse, she is a wicked and sick lady and really, there is no stopping her. Its sad to think about the people who have had their homes destroyed, and if the recent videos in Japan are any indication it shows that we really have no control over nature. It does what it wants and while we have intelligence and force of will, nature will always prevail.

This was a surveillance video that caught a house being taken apart by a tornado in Iowa. The person who lives there was actually home at the time and survived. Sadly their house didn’t make it.

This video is only a couple seconds long and looks kinda strange, so it could be fake. But if it is real then dang, that is insane. Guess its up to the viewer.

Fire may be caused by humans, but fire itself has been around for a long, long time. Sometimes people forget how powerful it can be.

These videos are all over but this had to go in here. It’s Google Earth showing the areas hit before and after the tsunami. Crazy.

These people got really lucky.

-Wanted it to end it on a bit of an upbeat note.

pixel Videos of Houses Being Obliterated

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