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BuyFixandProfit.com contains over 100 informative real estate investing articles along with real world tips and advice on how to make money with real estate.

The site’s focus is on how to buy distressed property, fix it up, and how to profit from those efforts.

Our mission is to provide the reader with practical real life advice on how to make money investing in real estate. Building assets and creating passive income with real estate is one of the oldest and most proven ways to take control of your financial future. Stop worrying about social security, your pension, and your 401K. By taking action and following just the basics of real estate investing, you can create a life changing income for yourself and your family in a short amount of time.

The underlying mantra for this site’s investing advice is that equity and cash flow can be created by buying distressed real estate, typically due to its poor condition, and making the right repairs to transform the property into a performing asset.

Equity and cash flow is what will be created; each has it’s own merits. Cash flow is tangible and therefore should always be the #1 factor when analyzing a property as a potential investment.  Equity is akin to speculation; similar to the president of a start-up saying he is worth $100M on paper.  Equity positions are important when dealing with lenders for loan-to-value purposes, but other than that, equity is “imaginary” until realized through the sale of the asset.

We have provided a snap shot of our current investment property portfolio to show that we practice what we preach. Feel free to ask questions about our investment property portfolio in the comments sections or contact us directly for information on how to earn better rate of return on your IRA or other cash funds.

Our Investment Property Portfolio

We have put together a Road Map of the TOP articles in the order one would progress towards completing their first property rehab.

First, here is the Mind Map we created all about Making Money with Real Estate.

How to Make Money in Real Estate Mind Map

Next, What Kind of Properties Should you be Buying?

Flipping Houses Strategy – Don’t Get this Wrong!

Here are some articles on Locating and Acquiring Rehab Properties

How to Find Foreclosures and Distressed Properties

How to Buy Foreclosures, REO’s and HUD Properties Without Ever Seeing Them! – Not recommended for those just starting out.  You’ll need some street experience to implement this strategy.

Must Have Investor Tools for Inspecting REO’s and Foreclosures

The Key Players you will Need on your Real Estate Investment Team

Create Your Real Estate Investment Team

The One Mistake that has Crippled many Newbie Real Estate Investors

The Most Common Mistake Made by Newbie Real Estate Investors

Have you ever heard the saying, “Your Network Will Determine Your Net Worth”?  This is especially true when investing in real estate. Here is the best way to build that network ->

Why Real Estate Investors Need to Join Real Estate Investment Clubs

How to Finance Rehabs and Investment Properties

Actual funding sources and contact numbers coming soon!

Hard Money Lenders Explained In Detail

What you must do PRIOR to Obtaining a Hard Money Loan

Why Private Money is Key to Your Rehab Financing Needs

Rehab Financing with the Local Community Bank

Why Real Estate Investors Need to Develop a Relationship with their Bank

How to Flip Properties Using Other people’s 401k or IRA Funds

Take Control Of Your Retirement With A Self Directed Checkbook IRA

How to Rehab a Property – Finding and Controlling Contractors, Estimating Construction Costs, Material Selection, Vacant Property Security and more inside…

How to Find a Contractor to Flip That House

Rule of Thumb Costs for Standard Foreclosed Home

Estimating Construction Cost – Actual Repair Budget Attached

How to Manage Property Rehab Costs for Maximum Efficiency and Value

Landlord’s Guide To Exterior Rehab Choices

Landlord’s Rehab Flooring Guide

Options for Vacant Property Security

How to Increase Appraisal Values and Pass Inspections on the First Visit

6 Ways to Legally Avoid the EPA’s New Lead Based Paint Renovation Laws

House Fixing Nightmares!

How to Manage Your Investment Properties – Landlord Tips, Section 8, Screening Tenants, Property Management and more…

Property Management 101 – Document, Enforce, Love

Section 8 Tenants – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

3 Zero Tolerance Red Flags All Landlords Need to Look for when Screening a Tenant

Tenant Screening: How to Choose a Tenant When All the Tenant Credit Reports Are BAD!

Landlords: Are You Aggressive Enough In Trying to Rent Out Your Property?

Is it Legal for a Landlord to Establish a No Smoking Policy?

Shhhh…Underground Advice: How to Claim the Homestead Exemption as a Landlord

7 Awesome Benefits of Lease Options For Landlords

6 Key Points To Consider When Hiring Investment Property Managers

How to Quickly Pay Off a Rental Property – The Fastest Way to Becoming Free and Clear

How to Pay Off your Rental Property Mortgage Early

How to Pay Off Your Rental Property in 5 Years!

Investment Property Insurance – Protect yourself and your Tenants from Life’s Perils

Investor Profits $41K While Tenant Cries – Landlord Insurance and Renter’s Insurance are Must Haves!

8 Things Every Real Estate Investor Must Know About Landlord Insurance

Is Your Landlord Insurance Policy Eating Away at your Profits?

What To Do If Things Don’t Work Out – (Hopefully you won’t ever need to read this!)

Loan Modifications for Investors

Investor Loan Modifications Versus Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and the Real Estate Investor – BK Doesn’t Solve Everything

Foreclosure Defense Strategies for Real Estate Investors

For the Arm Chair Investors – Turnkey Properties

There are many great opportunities across the country to purchase Turnkey Rental Properties with Little Money Down or even with Seller Financing and still produce positive cash flow! Read these articles first before choosing a turnkey real estate investment company.

How To Choose a Turnkey Real Estate Investment Company This BF&P article was featured in the “How To” section of NuWire Investor

6 Essential Benefits Provided by Turnkey Real Estate Investments

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