Where to Source Your Rehab Funding

Posted on: January 10, 2011

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Luncheons with a coterie of investors with deep pockets used to be the avenue that lead real estate investors to the Land of Ready Cash. Today, however, more and more private lending companies are purveying rehab loans to rehabbers and real estate investors who want to renovate their rental properties. The government is also offering rehab funding with terms and conditions varying from city to city.

A real estate investor does not have to go far to look for a rehab loan. Skipping the need for leafing through the menu of the restaurant where private investors’ money were used to be raised, a cash-hungry real estate investor can instead browse the Internet for a list of lenders for this kind of loan. For the newbie, however, selecting the lenders to transact with could be overwhelming.

What Do You Need The Money For?

When deciding on which type or source of rehab loan to choose, keep in mind your purpose of your loan. Are you about to buy a handyman special or bid on a foreclosure? Do you plan to do up a rental property? Would you be willing to rent out your property to low income families? Do you need the cash immediately? Look for the kind of rehab loans that best suit your needs.

Where To Get Rehab Funding?

Banks. Most banks and lending companies shy away from rehab projects. Some local banks may offer rehab funding but the red tape, sluggish rate of approval and high credit rating requirements that go with bank loans often discourage real estate investors from seeking funding from these institutions. If you are looking to buy a handyman special, you may want to look for other sources of rehab loans that can provide you with faster funding.

Government Grants for Rental Rehabilitation Programs. This is for the socially responsible landlord who is willing to rent out affordable, decent, safe and clean housing for low income families. If your property is located within the given city boundaries and could accommodate at least 10 families, then you may apply for this forgivable deferred loan which funds up to 50% of the total cost of renovation. Other certain conditions you must agree with include renting out the rehabilitated property to tenants below 60% median income, setting maximum rental rates per unit, annual reporting of tenant income and other rental information, and organizing the annual maintenance inspections to be done by the city. Owner occupied units are not included in this program. Provisions for this type of program may vary from city to city.

Private Investors/Hard Money Lenders. This type of lenders still remains to be the fastest source of funding for real estate investors. They can lend you 100% of the acquisition, rehab and closing costs, they require less paperwork and more lenient about your credit rating. However, these conveniences come with a dear price tag. Be prepared to pay at least 15% interest and at least 10 points or 10% fee which is added to the amount loaned. This is suited for real estate investors dealing with a motivated seller or bidding on a foreclosure or estate sale, since the ability to move quickly is of the essence here. Just make sure you have done your due diligence.

With many competing hard money lenders springing up, some have refined their terms into more borrower-friendly provisions. It is better for you to obtain financial sources that do not exact prepayment penalties. Not only are they expensive, they may also hamper your momentum for moving quickly. If you have a good credit standing, opt for private lenders who offer real estate investor-friendly programs such as the “6-Month No-Pay Plan.”

So, which source of rehab funding will you be turning to?

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