Why Should Real Estate Investors Join Real Estate Investment Clubs?

Posted on: January 17, 2011

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4314035797 13419fa7ed m Why Should Real Estate Investors Join Real Estate Investment Clubs?Real estate investing is no walk in the park, much less when a newbie operates all by himself. If you are just starting out, you would most likely love to have someone who can answer all your questions about real estate investing, give useful how-to tips and provide a little push to prod you to continue looking for great deals when your initial efforts turn out unfruitful. Looking for great buys, ready buyers, and willing investors is hard work if your not connected. If only you could stumble upon a magic lamp you could rub to bring out a genie who could make your real estate investing life easier.

Presto! Real estate investment clubs are the genie to your wishes. When you attend or join one of these clubs, you do not get to rub an old Arabian lamp, but you can rub elbows with veteran real estate investors and other players in the game who may have the “power” to grant your wishes. Newcomers are not the only ones who benefit from these groups.  Real estate investment clubs are a great place to put together your real estate investment team.

“Your network is your net worth.”

This is especially true in sales. To increase your net worth, you have bring out the extrovert in you and expand your network. Networking is one of the most important reasons why real estate investors sign up for membership to real estate investing clubs. When attending club meetings and other similar events, grab the opportunity to expand your network. For instance, make it a goal to meet and get to know at least five people when attending club meetings. Keep your business cards handy and meet new people by arriving early and by approaching people after the meeting.

These people may not buy the house you are selling but may know people who will. They can refer you to sellers, buyers, investors, contractors, lawyers and accountants. Besides giving you referrals, you may hit it off with someone who may be interested to partner with you in a deal. When networking, prepare something that would interest other members so that they would want to associate with you. Do not be afraid to ask for another investor’s phone number and if you may contact them in the future. Be genuine and most people will say yes.  As far as contractors and other professionals offering their services, they will always say yes.

Being surrounded by people also passionate about real estate and hearing the success stories of other investors will encourage you to continue with your efforts. Motivation is an important aspect to this business. Additionally, you may also meet someone who may be generous enough to be your mentor.

“Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.”

Education is another important benefit that real estate investing clubs offer to members where they learn about investment practices, laws and regulations affecting the industry, tips and techniques of the craft and other valuable information. You can avoid the mistakes that the seasoned investors have committed and copy the effective strategies they have implemented. A member can gain this knowledge by associating with veteran members and by learning from guest speakers. However, a newbie must learn how to spot the authentic guru from those who simply want to make sales pitches about their books, programs and other product offerings.

Before paying any real estate investing club membership dues, try attending a few sessions of some clubs you have eyed and get to know their goals, how they operate, how they are different from the others and how you mesh with the members. From there, pick out the one with goals that are parallel with yours and with benefits that satisfy your needs as a real estate investor.

 Why Should Real Estate Investors Join Real Estate Investment Clubs?
pixel Why Should Real Estate Investors Join Real Estate Investment Clubs?

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